FOR PARENTS: Mastering Difficult Conversations With Our Children

Happy and blessed Lenten season
As we try to teach our children to navigate in this ever-changing world, and support and encourage them to make the right choices, it is becoming clearer that we must, at times, have some difficult conversations. These conversations might not be something that we are comfortable with and maybe at times, not trained in handling. Given that we grew up in a different time and the pressures that we faced were different, we might find ourselves struggling to talk about the things that are happening around us. The fact of the matter is, if we don’t discuss them and explain these things to them, someone else will. Of course, we always want to make sure that we are teaching them the most appropriate behavior for each circumstance, but there are times when we might feel they are too young and maybe not aware or not thinking or noticing certain things. We have to know when the right time is and what is appropriate to say and what it is the most appropriate and suitable behavior.
Please join us on Sunday March 19, 2023 at St. Anthony, after the Divine Liturgy in a parents’ meeting with Dr. Christine Agaibi on how to handle these types of conversations. 
Please bring your questions and share with others.