Virtual Retreat July 25-26

A virtual retreat on July 25 – 26, the topic is “The Bible is just words on the lips, or life in tribulations?”, “الانجيل مجرد كلمات ام حياه في الازمات”. 

Please use the zoom meeting link below to join the lectures. Please see the attached flyer for more detail about the lectures time and the speakers. The lectures will be in Arabic and are suitable for all ages.

هذه هي الموضوعات التي سيتحدث فيها الاباء و هي باللغة العربية و لكل الاعمار :

اسم المؤتمر 

الانجيل مجرد كلمات ام حياه في الازمات 

١- لان لنا الحياه والموت ربحا لنا … اذا لماذا نحزن عند اقتراب الموت منا او من احباء لنا .. وكيف لنا ان نستقبل الخبر بفرحه الرابحين كما تقول الايه ( ابونا دَاوُدَ لمعي ) 

٢- لماذا اختار دَاوُدَ ضربه الوباء من بين الضربات التي عرضت عليه . وعلاقه ذلك بما نحن علي الان ( انبا كاراس ) 

٣- الامانه في الحياه الروحيه المستمره التي نجت الفتيه من النار وكيفيه تطبيقها علينا الان 
( ابونا بولس جورج )

٤- ضربه الحيات لشعب الله في القديم وكيفيه النجاه منها – وضربه الوباء الان وكيفيه النجاه منها ( انبا ديفيد )

Topic: Saint Demiana’s Virtual Retreat
Time: Jul 25, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
        Every day, until Jul 26, 2020, 2 occurrence(s)
        Jul 25, 2020 04:00 PM
        Jul 26, 2020 04:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 819 5902 7204
Password: stdemiana

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God bless.

Statement Regarding Alleged Sexual Misconduct

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the One God, Amen
The peace and love of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all.
It is heartbreaking to hear of these recent acts against minors and/or females in the church and in general. The church condemns all acts, whether physical, sexual or emotional, against any individual especially by individuals that are in authority or power.
Please click to read the statement that has been released by the Arch Diocese and the Diocese of NY/NE.
We are praying for all those who have been victimized and for the healing of all those have had to face any of these horrible and traumatizing situations. 
We must all serve the Lord in way that is appropriate, acceptable, pure and holy. All of the servants of St. Anthony including myself vow to serve with all of these characteristics clear before us. 
God have mercy upon us all.
Your Servant,Fr. John