Operation Christmas Child – Sat. Nov. 12th

When: Saturday Nov. 12th
Where: Social Hall – St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church

Who: Sunday School Youth and their Servants, Families Welcome Too!

Christmas is a time for giving! 

It’s that wonderful time of the year to work on our shoeboxes!  Every Sunday School class is assigned a category of supplies (listed below) to bring in and then we will assemble them together in church on Nov 12.  Also please bring in your own empty shoebox that day if you have one, otherwise there are plenty to share. Last year, we collected 65 boxes, let’s see if we can beat that number this year!

Angels & St. George – toys

St. Pishoy & St. Abanoub – school supplies

St. Barbara & High School – hygiene items

All Saints Day 2022

God willing, we will be hosting the All Saints Day celebration Monday, October 31, 2022 from 6-9:30 PM for youth through 8th grade. 
The youth are highly encouraged to dress up as a Biblical figure and prepare 3 hints to share during the Who Am I trivia session. 
For example, if you dress up as St. Mary, the clues may be: 1. I am the Daughter of Anna and Joachim2. I went to live and serve in the temple when I was 3 years old and stayed until I was about 14 years old3. I have one Son
If you need inspiration for the costumes, we recommend you take a look at the Hall of Saints located in church.  Sunday School Teachers can also help provide ideas.  For sample costumes, we have created a list of ideas from Amazon here: https://a.co/ccs1kOs” target=”_blank” data-saferedirecturl=”https://www.google.com/url?q=https://a.co/ccs1kOs&source=gmail&ust=1665592124644000&usg=AOvVaw0OJ7gFMDCrup1XDl_iliLx” data-removefontsize=”true” data-originalcomputedfontsize=”16″ style=”color: rgb(66, 133, 244); font-size: 1rem;”>https://a.co/ccs1kOs Costumes can also be purchased for Party City or other stores. 
We look forward to celebrating with the youth! Please pray for the service.

3rd Year Memorial for our beloved father Abouna Rafail Guiguis – Sunday Oct. 23rd

he memory of the righteous is blessed.” (Proverbs 10:7)

” I have finished the work which You have given Me to do.” (John 17:4)

The 3rd year memorial of our blessed father and the first shepherd of our church, Abouna Rafail Guirguis will be on Sunday 10/23/2022. The divine liturgy is from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM.

May the Lord repose his pure soul in peace and give us all comfort.

God bless