Letter to be sent objecting the new curriculum

Many school districts are uncertain about the new curriculum and many school leaders are trying to accommodate students with different backgrounds.  One of the fathers has also spoken with senator Zwicker recently and he mentioned that parents have the rights to opt out their kids of any lessons … It is suggested that the parents sign a request delivered by the hands of the child or electronically to every teacher this week (since it is last week and many schools will be preparing for next year).  We can also repeat the same process next year as well ..  below is a draft of the proposed message to be signed by the parents. 
As mentioned yesterday, attached is the letter that each parent should print and sign for each child and send to the teachers. This should be done immediately, if the child is still in school and should be done again at the beginning of the new school year 2022-2023.
May God watch over and protect His children.
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