Church Services

Many people have been asking about the church’s response to the Corona Virus. We believe that God is the “Controller of All Things” and that He is protector of His church and all of His children. God is STILL managing the world and in control of everything. “We thank You for every condition, concerning every condition and in every condition.” May He provide healing to all those infected and protect others from this virus. 

That being said, we all MUST still take all precautions necessary in order to avoid/prevent the spread of this virus. If you are feeling sick (coughing, sneezing, runny nose, have a hard time breathing, feeling aches and pains) or have been in contact with someone who is or has been sick, please stay at home (at least 2 weeks) in order to prevent the possibility and risk of carrying any sickness (especially the elderly) to anyone else. 

Avoid any contact during church gatherings and you may just bow your head to one another during the holy greeting; “Greet one another with a holy kiss”. 

There will be an official statement from the Arch Diocese coming soon. In the meantime, all non-liturgical church services are canceled or postponed until further notice. This includes Sunday School, hymn (alhan) class, Bible Study (Arabic and English), Choir practice and Choir presentations. The kitchen service will also be suspended until further notice. This means that there will be no food or coffee served after the Divine Liturgy. There will no gathering in the social hall after liturgy. Everyone is encouraged to go home directly after the final blessing and the holy bread is given out.

The Divine Liturgy schedule will still be the same – Wednesday from 10-1 pm and Sunday from 8-11:30 am. Please bring your own veil/corporal (Lifafa) and for the ladies, please bring your own head covering (Esharb).

More information will follow.

Lord please allow this plague (Corona Virus) to “pass-over” our families, homes and churches as You allowed the angel of death to “pass-over” the homes of the children of Israel. “Turn us oh God, to the fear of You and the desire for You. Be pleased that we may abide in the enjoyment of Your good things… and may we all be worthy of the Kingdom of the heavens.”

Lord have mercy on us.